Friday, March 05, 2010

You Remind Me Of The Babe

Jennifer Connelly plays Sarah, a fifteen-year-old girl who is selfish and annoyed with her baby brother, Toby. On the night her dad and stepmother go out Sarah has to watch Toby, who wont stop crying. As Sarah is frustrated with her family for making her watch Toby and his crying she wishes to the goblin King, Jareth, played by David Bowie, to take her brother away. Once Sarah realizes what she has done she regrets it and wants her brother home. King Jareth will give her 13 hours to get to his castle to rescue Toby, but she must go from the labyrinth to get to the castle.

As Sarah enters the labyrinth she gets lost and goblins confuse her. The maze changes when her back is turned and she faces lots of difficulty, but she makes friends with Hoggle and Ludo who help her find the castle. King Jareth is defeated and Sarah gets Toby back. She realizes throughout the storyline that she is selfish and needs to grow up. She needs her toys in the beginning but realizes in the end that Toby deserves to have her favorite toy and she puts the rest away.

Labyrinth is a great movie. Loved the music by David Bowie. Jim Henson’s characters are classics; his moppets’ are amazing looking, even for the 80’s. The movie is dark and mysterious, while also funny, with characters like Ludo and the different doors that try to confuse her. Labyrinth is mythical and very out there, a typical George Lucas film but with the added Muppets and music, Jim Henson is all through the movie. I especially love these scenes:

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