Thursday, March 04, 2010

Warwick Davis plays Willow, a nelwyn, which is what the dwarfs are called in their town. Willow finds a baby, Elora Danan that has floated to his town near his home while he is farming. Unknown to him at the time of finding Elora, the baby has a destiny to destroy the evil Queen Bavmorda. Bavmorda sends her monstrous dogs to find the baby and destroy anyone who gets in the way. The hounds come to Willow’s town and threaten his family and friends. Willow flees to save Elora and he and few of the town’s people start their journey. Willow and friends run into Val Kilmer’s character, Madmartigan, who is in a “jail” type cage in the middle of nowhere, left to die. The friends of Willow choose to leave the baby with Madmartigan and leave, but Willow has decided to stay and wait for a more proper person to leave Elora with. No luck comes Willow’s way and he gives Elora to Madmartigan. While on his way home, Willow notices a bird carrying the baby in the sky and he tries to follow it, but comes across Brownies, tiny, fairy-size people.

The Brownies have been asked to find Elora and make sure she completes her destiny. Willow was also chosen to make sure Elora overthrows Queen Bavmorda, so on the journey they start and run back into Madmartigan who saves their lives. From this point on in the movie Elora, Madmartigan, Willow and two Brownies take on the war-torn land. On their way to the Queen they come in contact with her warriors who capture them, but they escape. Escaping, Bavmorda’s daughter, Shorsha, falls in love with Madmartigan.

Willow and his journeymen finally make it to the Queens castle and battle it out until she loses and dies. Elora is saved and is destined to take the thrown one day. Madmartigan and Shorsha stay together and Willow gets to go back to his farm town and see his family and friends again.

Willow is a classic mythical George Lucas film with fairies and monsters as well as Ron Howard featured as the director. The movie was adventurous the whole time with great fighting scenes. Definitely an 80s movie and could never be remade. Overall, a charming motion picture.

The following trailer is certainly a dramatic preview,

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