Thursday, March 04, 2010

“Cindy’s hot and Ronald’s not”-Some would say

Cant Buy Me Love features Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey as a typical nerd in high school with glasses, geeky clothes and an interest in science. While buying a telescope at the mall he notices Cindy, his cheerleader crush, having a dilemma in another store. He offers to use his telescope money to pay for an outfit she ruined if she will be his girlfriend for a month to make him look “cool.” She agrees.

During the month, Cindy gives Ronald a complete makeover, transforming him from geek to chic. Trading his nerd friends for the accepted kids Ronnie becomes the schools popular guy instantly in a month sitting in the “no mans land.” But of course this fairy tale is hard believe because that is not the moral of the story. They break up after their month deal and Ronnie turns from nerd to jerk and is completely out of control.

This is one of my sister’s favorite movies, so I decided to watch it. I was thoroughly entertained with the classic romantic comedy. There were some really great comic moments, especially the dancing situation. The film featured teen problems as well as the social groups that rule the school. Everyone wants to be someone else, but in the end you learn who you are is unique and maybe you are not popular but you have some great loyal friends, instead of the shallow socialite who will bolt at the drop of a coin. I loved it and the film became a new favorite, especially featuring The Beatles song! The movie even stars Seth Green when he was young. $1000 can buy popularity but it cant buy love.

The following clip shows Ronnie’s dancing scene with the line “what a spaz…aww he must be in special ed:”

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Vladigogo said...

Check out the hair on these women.

Takes me back. And not in a good way.