Thursday, March 04, 2010

Caddyshack (1980)

Caddyshack is an outrageously funny trip. Rodney Dangerfield (Al) plays a real estate tycoon who comes to Bushwood Country Club for a day of golf. But Judge Smails, the president of the club, feels threatened by Al's loud and disrespectful behavior. And he has every reason to feel threatened: Al is trying to buy the course and develop the land into condos. Amidst a crazy hunt for a gofer by the loony greenskeeper Carl, a big money match challenge ends up taking place between the judge, Al, Ty Webb, a member of the club, and Danny Noonan, a caddie and the protagonist.
Danny faces several ethical dilemmas throughout the film. First, he gets a waitress from the golf course pregnant. He seems to take the high road by offering to marry the girl, Maggie. It ends up being a false alarm fortunately for the two of them.
The main ethical battle Danny faces is whether to suck up to the Judge, who is a controlling jerk for the most part, in order to get a scholarship to school. Danny wants the scholarship badly, but he takes the high road again by refusing to join the judge and playing with Al. Danny is a good person judging by the decisions he makes. This may be why he's such a likeable character.

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