Monday, March 01, 2010


'Terminator' is a classic 80s action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the film, the Terminator is sent back in time to kill a lady named Sarah Connor who will, in the future, have a son who will go on to be a war hero fighting against these machines. In the future these machines have taken over the world and are trying to exterminate humans.

Throughout the movie there is tons of fighting action and gore not to mention a ridiculous amount of shooting and explosions. As the first of the Terminator trilogy, this movie is excellent at setting up the prestige for the storyline. Watching the movie we can definitely see that it is set in the 80s: the hair is big and teased, the music is electronic and slightly techno-y, and the clothes are straight from the 80s. The one major flaw of the film is that it was produced a little early in terms of computer technology so the animations seem very fake and computerized. A few years later this film could have had outstanding graphics but I'm sure the digitally remastered films have improved on that.

Overall this is definitely one of the classic 80s action films that is a must-see, such as Rambo and Rocky. The rest of the trilogy goes on to build on this story and every one of the trilogy has been a blockbuster hit. Personally I would consider this movie to be Arnolds ground breaking film which helped to develop his career as an actor and famous action film star. If you like shooting, fighting and explosions you have to watch the Terminator.

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