Thursday, March 04, 2010

Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead takes place in Northern Calirofornia and follows the life of high-schooler Lane Meyer (John Cusak) whose girlfriend, Beth, breaks up with him for the captain of the high school ski team, Roy Stalin. Lane can't seem to cope with this loss and decides that death is his only choice. His half-assed attempts at suicide always fail, creating some sort of comedic sitauation.

Throughout the film you discover that Lane's family is peculiar. His mother is an odd Stepford wife sort of woman, but lacks cooking skills, his father is convinced that he's on drugs, and his geeky little brother won't speak, but can build lasers and attract trashy women. Lane's best friend, Charles de Marr, inhales everyday substances, such as snow, because he claims that he can't get real drugs.

As Lane attempts to win back the girl or end his own life he gets to know another girl, Monique, who is a French foreign-exchange student. During the school year she's staying with Lane's neighbors who annoy her to the point where she pretends not to know English. She helps restore his confidence and will to live.

In the end, Lane must compete against the guy who stole his girlfriend in a ski contest. Throughout the race, a paperboy consistently bumps into Lane, claiming that he's owed two dollars (creating the catchphrase "I want my two dollars!") As Lane races down the mountain on one ski he overcomes a life gone downhill to find happiness.

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Vladigogo said...

This is one of those classic 80s films that I have not seen.

I need to see it.