Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fletch-Master of Disguise

Chevy Chase plays Irwin Fletch, an undercover reporter in Los Angeles investigating his latest story on drug trafficking. A wealthy businessman named Alan Stanwyk, played by Tim Matheson, approaches him while undercover at the beach. Stanwyk proposes a proposition to Fletch. If Fletch kills Stanwyk he acquires a large sum of money and the assurance/guarantee that he will not be caught with a plan ticket to Rio. Fletch agrees but later becomes suspicious. While taking on many bizarre disguises, he uncovers the truth about Stanwyk’s intentions and the chief of police involvement in the drug situation.

Fletch is definitely an eighties movie. You cannot have an eighties movie without some cheesiness, especially with the nonchalant manipulation and the selection of music for the background, with the hit “Bit by Bit” by Stephanie Mills. The clothes definitely allowed me to get an insight on the fashion of the 80s. Though the cast is not spectacular, it does feature Geena Davis as a secretary and investigating sidekick to Fletch, Fat Sam played by Cheers star George Wendt and Tim Matheson who costarred with John Belushi in Animal House. However the main star of course is Chevy Chase. After the National Lampoon series, Chase joined Saturday Night Live with Steve Martin. Chase may not be well known to today’s generation due to his limited exposure on the screen.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and was chuckling about the wisecracking jokes and his apparent love for the Los Angeles Lakers, seeing that he wears a Lakers t-shirt whenever he can. I would recommend this movie to anyone who would want to see Chevy Chase at one of his best performances besides National Lampoon.

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Vladigogo said...

Entertainment Weekly recently had a fascinating history about the attempt to make the next Fletch film. It's been over 20 years since the sequel came out and all kinds of people have been attached to the project, including Kevin Smith, who was with it for almost a decade.