Friday, March 05, 2010


I really like when movies have a good moral, and I think BIG is one of them. Were always wishing away our time without thought, “Oh I wish it was Friday already,” or “Why isn’t it 3 yet??” and so on and so forth. But imagine if you were suddenly 30 years older, your whole life had passed you by, and you remember none of it? I think just a week would be enough to scare someone into being more appreciative of the time they have here. I think the film also works to how an adult who is able to maintain a childlike innocence is something to be admired. It’s very difficult to keep the ‘joie de vivre’ or joy of life that children seem to have so easily. I love the scene where he dances on the giant piano. We used to have a F.A.O. Schwartz here in Orlando with the same piano, and a Raggedy Ann sitting outside the store that was just as big as the building. It’s closed now, it was one of the first places to go when the bad times crawled in. Ironically our childlike tendencies are also the first to go when the bad times crawl in.

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