Friday, March 05, 2010

Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

Erick Stoltz (Keith) and Lea Thompson (Amanda) star in this quintessentially 80s teen film. Although predictable, Some Kind of Wonderful is still entertaining to watch, and the audience finds itself waiting for the school bully, Hardy, to just get beaten up already. Or something. Everything about this movie—from the clothing and lingo to the basic plot—screams 80s. Leather, big hair, Ray Bans and shoulder pads abound, but it is part of what makes the movie so good.

Some Kind of Wonderful reminds me of another John Hughes-written, Howard Deutch-directed film—Pretty in Pink, which came out the year before. Essentially, outcast friend number one (Watts) realizes that she is in love with outcast friend number two (Keith), but only after outcast friend number two starts to date the most popular girl in school (Amanda). Of course, the film is rife with an overcompensating (ex) boyfriend, typical high school parties, and a kissing tutorial.

Despite its certainty of being an 80s film, this movie can stand the test of time. Aside from the fears that many people experience with regard to realizing their love for a close friend, Some Kind of Wonderful also deals with issues that many graduating high school students face, including finding the courage to follow one’s own dreams instead of the dreams of one’s parents.

I enjoyed this film because it is one that, no matter what, the viewer knows that it is going to end well. No matter what happens throughout the movie, sometimes it is easy to see that Andie is finally going to choose Duckie in the end. That is what makes this film so pleasant and one that everybody should see.

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Vladigogo said...

It's always good to see twentysomething actors playing teens.