Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Shining!

Redrum! The Shining is the story of a family who goes to live in a hotel during their closed season as the caretakers. However, the hotel is possessed by a tragedy that happened ten years prior and the demons reek havoc on the family that is currently staying there.

I loved this film. I had a little trouble sleeping the night I watched it, but it was well worth it. This film is a horror classic that all movie buffs must see. However, I will say the film is quite disturbing and is not for the faint of heart. Some plot points seem a bit random, but if you are familiar with the work of Stanley Kubrick then these scenes may not seem that out of the ordinary.

This movie definitely stands up over time. Especially since it is based off a Stephen King novel, it has stayed popular throughout the years. The picture to the left is probably the most well known image associated with this movie where he utters the words "Here's Johnny" which sent me and all the other girls watching this movie in fits of screams. It was an overall positive horror movie experience.

The movie was made in 1980 and set in that time so yes, it is distinctly 1980s. The costuming and setting look a bit stereotypical 1970s but that is only because it was made at the turn of the decade.

This movie is not only scary, but it also makes you think. If you are a horror fan and have not yet seen The Shining then I highly recommend it. Best to not watch alone though.

This is an example of the type of horror you should expect when you watch this movie. Caution: Things are going to get gruesome.

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