Saturday, July 01, 2006

Look out ... here comes Uncle Buck!

Uncle Buck

Directed by John Hughes and released in 1989, Uncle Buck is a comedy that makes you realize that maybe your family isn't so crazy after all. John Candy stars as Uncle Buck, who is asked at the last minute by his brother and sister-in-law to watch the kids for a few days while they go to see her sick father. Although Buck was not their first choice as a baby-sitter, he drives over in the middle of the night to save the day. When the kids wake up in the morning, they are surprised ... not only to see their parents leaving, but also to meet their uncle for the first time.

The two younger children, Miles (Macaulay Caulkin) and Maizy (Gaby
Hoffmann), take a quick liking to their uncle's uniqueness, while the 15 year-old Tia (Jean Louisa Kelly) has a somewhat different idea.

Buck and Tia battle back and forth because Tia thinks her uncle is only trying
to ruin her life by being his sloppy, loud, lazy, uneducated self. Not only does he try to stop her from seeing her bum boyfriend, Bug, but he also embarrasses her in front of Bug and her friends by dragging her out of a party and picking her up from school in his, let's just say, NOT the nicest car ever. Of course Buck is just trying to look after his niece, as he knwos Bug is just using Tia for the sex. But Tia, in return, starts rumors about Buck cheating on his girlfriend, Chanice, with a neighbor who lives down the road from the Russells and then arranges for Chanice to show up just in time ... right as Marcie puts the moves on Uncle Buck.After quite a few battles, Buck and Tia see each other's points of view and actually start get getting along. Tia finally realizes what Bug is really looking for, so she thanks Buck for getting him out of her life. Because of Buck, Tia also starts getting along better with her mother. In the end, everyone gets along well and they're a big happy family. A little corny? Yes. A typical family film where everything ends up fine? Yes. A great comedy and truly a great film? YES! Definitely something to watch if you haven't seen it before. Uncle Buck and the crew are a riot!

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