Monday, June 26, 2006

Fairy Tales Do Come True

Fairy tales do come true, or at least for one Hollywood hooker in this movie.

Vivian (Julia Roberts) walks the streets of Hollywood asking men if they are up for a “good time.” One night she hits it big and is picked by Edward (Richard Gere), a wealthy and attractive businessman looking for company. Vivian shocks the very expensive hotel guests and staff when she walks in wearing a mini skirt and black knee high boots with an obnoxious attitude.

After one night with the witty prostitute, Edward figures out that Vivian is really not as rough as her exterior first suggested and they are more alike than different. "We both screw people for money," says Edward. He makes her an offer she can’t refuse: to stay with him all week in his penthouse suite and be his lady friend at dinners and social functions while he courts Mr. Bellamy and son to negotiate a big business deal. One of the most enjoyable scenes in the movie is when Vivian walks into a Rodeo Drive boutique and is snubbed for her appearance even though she has a pocket full of Edward’s money to spend on “lady like” clothing. After help from the hotel manager and Edward, Vivian buys bags of beautiful dresses and hats, then walks back to the boutique where she was snubbed and said, “you guys work on commission right, big mistake,” while holding up her packages. She becomes stronger and confident the more she is transformed into a lady from a hooker as this scene shows compared to the classless, yet spunky hooker she was first shown as.

Witty and humorous comments from Vivian’s character continually come out that suggest no matter how much the hooker is transformed with manners and clothing; Vivian’s naive ness of a wealthy lavish lifestyle never fully embraces her. Edward sees this and falls in love with her carefree, yet innocent personality and his ability to be the same when with her. At one point though, his serious side reminds him that the two made a business deal for one week with no strings attached. After Vivian refuses to take his money and leaves the man she has fallen in love with Edward comes to his senses and goes to find her. A dramatic fairy tale like ending of Edward driving up in a white limo with roses completes the love story. Edward wins back Vivian and it is assumed life will be happily ever after.

I enjoyed this movie. It is a classic chick flick that can stand up over time. Watching Vivian transform and find her own prince charming is the type of love story with its own uniqueness to a classic Disney fairy tale. I recommend this chick flick. It definitely puts an 80’s spin on the Cinderella story.

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