Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All you had to do was just follow three rules.....

Gremlins (1984)

All you had to do was follow three simple rules, and you would have had this cute cuddly fuzz ball version of yoda: Don’t have it near bright lights, light will kill it. Don’t get it wet, that causes it to multiply. Don’t feed it after midnight, which causes it to turn into a big, ugly, monster, with sharp teeth that wants to wreck mayhem on everything it sees. Merry Christmas!

That is the plot of this 1984 Christmas film, produced by Steven Spielberg (The Goonies, E.T., and many other blockbuster film.), and written by Chris Columbus (Home Alone and Harry Potter). It is about a boy who receives a special gift from his father, a Mogwai (pronounced mog-why) which he names “Gizmo”, he has three rules to follow, see above. While visiting Billy, our good friend Corey Feldman (The Goonies, and several other child acting films) breaks the second rule, and gets Gizmo wet, causing the first step in a downward spiral leading to the destruction of their town. The film is great, growing up, I loved it! Strangely, watching it now, I realize that it is definitely not a kids film. It stands up overtime, with memorable sequences; 300 Gremlins taking over the movie theater, singing together “High Ho” by the seven dwarves of Snow White, and Christmas music being played while scenes of destruction and chaos fill the screen. It is an 80’s film, that paved the way for dark comedies of our time, like Shawn of the Dead. I would recommend this film for practically everyone. It is not intended to be a scary movie, lots of people that I have talked to are petrified of this film. I would recommend it, especially during the holidays, if you have had enough of the “24-hours of the Christmas Story”, or the constant replays of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


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