Saturday, July 01, 2006

Get your aviator sunglasses ready ...


If you love Tom Cruise, this film is for you. The other members of the cast, including Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, and Val Kilmer all come together to provide a fun, action-packed film that's almost as easy to fall in love with as Tom Cruise is.

Aver Maverick and Goose are chosen to attend Top Gun, where the finest pilots in the military go to train even more intensely, they set out with their heads held high - maybe a little too high. Maverick is cocky and knows what he wants and knows that he can achieve it. The guys work together to try to accomplish the position of the number one pilot in all of Top Gun. However, this is somewhat difficult for the determined duo because maverick can never seem to listen to instructions. He always wants to do everything his way, including his hot instructor, Charlie. Maverick takes a hard hit when he loses his co-pilot in an accident that wasn't his fault and his girlfriend all in a short amount of time. From here on out, Maverick has to find a way to overcome his sorrow, while trying to get back his girl and keep his name in good standing.

This was the first time I had seen this film and I was not disappointed. I think Top Gun stands the test of time because it proves that action and romance can work well together, even back then, and be quite successful. I would definitely consider this a classic 80s film.

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