Thursday, June 29, 2006

Goonies never say die!!!!!!!

The Goonies 1985

The Goonies is an immortal classic, and it is one of my personal favorite movies. The Goonies is a prime example of blending genres well. It is a family film that combines adventure and comedy. The Goonies is basically a story about good versus evil and the roles are played by a principal cast. The “good” is a group of young boys who refer to themselves as “The Goonies.” The Goonies gang consists of two brothers Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin), Brand Walsh (Josh Brolin), a chubby boy named Chunk (Jeff Cohen) that creates most of the comedy, Mouth (Corey Feldman), and Data (Jonathan Ke Quan). The conflict is that an “evil” corporate developer has bought out the neighborhood the Goonies live in and is planning to demolish their homes. Luckily, the boys stumble upon “One Eyed Willie’s” treasure map that could lead them to a treasure big enough to buy their houses back.
The film follows the Goonies through their treasure quest. Along the way some of the boys have romances with friends Stef Steinbrenner (Martha Plimpton) and Andy Carmichael (Kerri Green). They have to stop the other villains the Fratelli brothers and the Fratelli brother’s mother from capturing the treasure before them. In the end the Goonies capture the treasure, save the neighborhood, and become unexpected heroes. The boys also grew up a lot on their “Indiana Jones like” treasure hunt because they had to face some of their greatest fears that included booby traps, pirates, puzzles, the Fratellis, and many other unimaginable things. The film is packed full of catchy eighties music, and beautiful scenery of Astoria, Oregon. Suspension of disbelief is not an issue in the film, and the mild use of special effects does not overpower the acting or the great story of goodness triumphing over evil.

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