Wednesday, June 28, 2006

High School is so dramatic

Breakfast Club is a John Hughes film about teen-age kids who sit around on Saturday whining about their lives in detention at their high school library.

Actually, this movie has a deeper meaning.

Each one of the teens come from different family situations and fit into a specific click in school, so none of them really know each other in the beginning. The teacher assigns them to write a “who am I?” one thousand word essay.

The bad boy of the group, John begins to start trouble and teases the others. The five eventually open up due to his obnoxiousness and share all of their anxieties and pressure in life and end up becoming friends.

It seems as though in one afternoon, clicks in school are united and they all re
alize how much more alike they are than previously thought. They all have the same issues with their parents that bring out emotions; as Allison says, “My home life is very unsatisfying.”

In the end, tears are dried and they all have the geeky kid write one essay that explains the moral of the story: teenagers are misunderstood by adults and they feel pressure to fit into a certain mold at school, but really they all want the same things out of life.

Hormones also fly between a few of the characters and there is an overly dramatic kissing scene in the end. This movie is great; it has a good message and is done really well to get the message across.

I did think at times, it was kind of boring and the ending was cheesy, but if I was watching this as a high schooler in the 80’s I think I would feel differently. I will say this, had I of known in one day of detention I could have the chance to get a diamond, makeover, boyfriend, pot and the smart guy to do my homework while my teacher sits in the basement with the custodian drinking Pabst…I would have gone out of my way to be bad in high school.

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