Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Hidden (1987)

Jack Sholder directs the 1987 sci-fi move The Hidden. The film stars FBI Agent Lloyd Gallagher played by Kyle Maclachlan, who later stars as Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks http://www.lynchnet.com/tp/. Gallagher is teamed up with John Beck played by Michael Nouri of Flashdance (1983) fame.

The basis of this movie is that a parasitic alien moves from one host body to the next. The alien has a penchant for fast cars, like 328 GTS, Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet and loud punk music. The soundtrack featured an alternative collection of music in the 1980’s
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093185/soundtrack featuring The Lords of the New Church, Hunters & Collectors and Concrete Blonde. Gallagher is on the fast track to find the alien since it killed his partner, wife and daughter. Beck thinks that regular folks are committing strange crimes (business man, stripper). Only Gallagher knows about the parasitic alien is inhabiting these seemingly regular folks. However, his new partner Beck catches on and Gallagher gets him up to speed.

Gallagher has strange reactions to apparently normal things. He gets drunk on one bottle of beer and has difficulty using silverware. This is when you get the feeling that Gallagher is not from this earth, besides the bizarre gun he carries. You don’t want to miss Gallagher giving Beck ‘the breath of life’.

The special effects in this movie are a bit cheesy to modern standards. Every gunshot seems to reverberate with the same loudness and echo, regardless of the room they are in or the weapon that is being used. Movie stayed interesting with car chases and explosions too.

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