Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Why don't you make like a tree......and get outta here!"

Back to the Future II(1989)

Back to the Future Part II is my favorite in the series. The film is the most vital to the series because it is the one that connects the third with the first through storyline. It definitely stands up overtime. It has action, adventure, comedy, and it is overall just a fun film to watch. It is totally an 80’s film for a couple of reasons, the first part of the film takes place in they year 2015, and includes, flying cars, spandex, tight jeans, and hover boards. We are still not anywhere close to getting fly cars yet, but this is fun to watch because of what they thought might happen.Judgment Day according to the Terminator was going to happen in 1996. Back to the Future II recreates the entire town from the original “Back
to the Future” but with a futuristic spin, and then recreates the entire town back the way it originally was when Marty first goes back in time. It also has lots of other pokes back at the 80’s, such as with “CafĂ© 80’s” where Marty eats , the floor is checkerboard, and they are playing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” So I would recommend this film to everyone, you should definitely see the first film before you see this one though. It is best if you go “back”and watch all three in one sitting or over the course of two days, because you will notice a lot of connections with people in Back to the Future, II and III.

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