Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Tron (1982)

Tron was one of the first films to include computer graphics throughout the entire film. Going back and watching gives you a cool retro feel. It is amazing to see how far we have come.
Tron is a good film, bright colors, action, and a love story. Overtime, the graphics do not stand up to ours of today. Tron revolutionized films. Our films might be very different today if it weren’t for Tron. Starring Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski),

The soundtrack is phenomenal, as it combines orchestra, old-school video game music, and synthesizers. It is totally an 80’s classic, rated PG, and okay for the whole family. The film is about a man, who had all of his video games (which he programmed) stolen. He breaks into the building to try to find proof, he is then sucked into a computer, and embarks on an adventure to save the “game world”. Tron was nominated for two academy awards; Best costume, and Best sound. The plot is a little weak, but the film has its good moments. There is a lot of computer “jargon”, and the programs in the film use a lot of slang words to describe things, very much like Clockwork Orange.The film creates a whole world, cities, people, and relationships. I would recommend this film for someone to watch on a rainy day. It is good if you have nothing to do., but I would not recommend it for everyone. If you are a fan of retro movies, and computer technology, I would suggest that you see it!


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