Thursday, April 15, 2010


Poltergeist is the story of a typical American family whose daughter can hear voices coming out through the TV. The small disturbances start out as being amusing to the family, but quickly turn into much more when Carol Ann, the youngest daughter, is sucked into the TV by a Poltergeist. Now the family must find a way to get their daughter back without having her die within the walls of their own home.

I had heard this movie was one of the most frightening movies ever made. If I had seen it when it came out in the 80s I would probably have agreed. However, due to the way technology has grown and special effects are done now the film was not as frightening as all the hype made it out to be. With that said, I really did like the movie. It told an interesting and scary story that kept me entertained and wanting more.

This movie absolutely stands up over time. Even today, movie fanatics still talk about the influence of Poltergeist on the cinematic world. This movie is also done in a distinctly 1980s fashion. It is set in the 80s, the fashion is of the 80s, as well as the decor of the home etc.

If you like scary horror films, I absolutely recommend watching Poltergeist. It is an interesting and different story line than I have seen in other horror films and is a fun way to spend two hours.

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