Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is the story of five high school students who are all different, yet all find themselves in the same Saturday detention. However, they all come to realize that the people around them aren't who they thought they were and the stereotypes and high school are not always accurate.

I loved this movie. I can see why it has been talked about and adored over the years. It is a very entertaining movie, but also seems to have a stronger message rather than a surface high school film. I think the movie succeeds in showing there are more to kids than meets the eye and the only way to find out what that is, is to get to know them.

As I said before, this movie has been talked about since it came out in the 80s. I would say this movie is even more popular today than some movies that have been created in the past decade. I assume it will continue to remain popular among generations now and generations to come.

This movie is also done in an obvious 80s style. The point is to show stereotypes of kids in the 80s, so therefore the movie is done in the most obvious 80s fashion as possible. The clothes, the music, the personalities are all very much part of the 80s staple.

I would recommend this movie to everyone. I think there is something in this film for everyone to laugh at, cry at, or relate to.

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