Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Come, First Staked...

In honor of Corey Haim's death my friends and I decided to watch The Lost

Boys, which tells the story of Michael Emerson and his younger brother, Sam,

who move with their recently divorced mother, Lucy, to Santa Carla, a coastal

California town plagued by gang activity and unexplained disappearances.

The family moves in with Lucy's father, an eccentric old man who lives in the

outlying suburbs of town, with a taxidermy hobby and no television.

The liveliest part of town is the boardwalk/amusement park, on which Lucy

secures a job at a local video store run by a man named Max. Meanwhile,

Michael encounters a young girl named Star who lives with the leader of the

local gang. Michael meets her the next night and is provoked by the gang

leader into a motorcycle race, in which he is tricked into almost going over the

edge of a cliff.

David invites Michael to their lair, where he is put through an unsettling
initiation that includes drinking blood from a wine bottle. He joins the gang in hanging from the underside of elevated train tracks, watching in horror as each willingly drops into a foggy gorge below. Unable to hold on any longer, Michael falls... waking up in his bed, groggy and disoriented.

In the meantime, Sam meets brothers Edgar and Alan Frog, self-proclaimed vampire hunters who give Sam horror comics to teach him about vampires. Sam scoffs at them until Michael's developing vampirism becomes clear; their dog Nanook is forced to fend off Michael's bloodlust-driven attack on Sam, who notices that Michael's reflection has become transparent.

Sam turns to the Frog brothers for help, but refuses their advice to kill Michael. He turns their suspicions to Max, who has begun dating Lucy, suggesting that he is the head vampire whose death will free half-vampires such as Michael, who have not yet killed anyone. At a dinner party help by Lucy, they put Max through a series of tests (including the use of garlic and holy water), which appear to indicate that he is normal, and also embarrass Lucy greatly.

Michael resists joining the gang when they enter a feeding frenzy. Star reveals to Michael that she too is a half-vampire, and wants his help. The next day Michael leads Sam and the Frog brothers to the gang's lair, where they intend to kill the vampires in their sleep. But the killing of one vampire awakens David and the two others, and the Emerson brothers, Frog brothers, Star, and Laddie, a recently abducted child half-vampire, barely escape with their lives.

That evening, while Lucy is on a date with Max and her father is out of the house, the teens arm themselves with weapons based on traditional defences against vampires. David and the others attack, and are each killed spectacularly, with Michael ultimately impaling David on a pair of mounted deer antlers. However Michael doesn't transform back to normal with David's death, as they expected.

Max and Lucy arrive, and Max is revealed as the head vampire, having passed the Frog brothers' tests only on the technicality of having been invited into the house. Max's objective all along was to get Lucy to be a "mother" for his "lost boys", but his grand plan is ruined by Grandpa, who has been aware of the vampires all along, crashing his jeep through the wall of the house, impaling Max on the wooden fence posts he was carrying. Michael, Star and Laddie return to normal. The film ends with Grandpa calmly retrieving a drink from the fridge, seemingly oblivious to the carnage around him. He then declares, "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach...all the damn vampires".

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