Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heathers (1988)

I'd seen Heathers years and years ago, but as we watched film clips in class, I realized I didn't remember one single thing about this movie. After watching it again I realize why. I know it's been compared to Mean Girls quite often, but I think the only real thing they have in common is the number of girls in the clique. Switching face cream f or foot cream is not quite the same as framing a suicide. One thing I thought I remembered was liking Christian Slater, but that must have been false because he creeped me out beyond belief. Perhaps this is due largely in part to how stressed I've been lately, but I thought certain parts dragged and others were so contrived that I got annoyed.

It may be because this movie is held in such high regard, but I wouldn't consider it a classic at all, mostly because it's so dated already. The dialogue is amusing at times, and has certainly spurned a few catchphrases, but I just felt that there were so many other lines trying to be catchphrases that they lost their charm. I also wanted more cheerleader Heather and more Martha "Dumptruck." I also wish Veronica was a bit more developed because she felt kind of flat for me, even though we essentially get inside her head when she writes in her diary. All in all, Heathers is not a bad movie, but I have a hard time understanding why it's made out to be such a "classic".

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