Monday, April 12, 2010

Just One of the Guys

Terry Griffith is about to go where no woman has gone before...

Terry, a popular girl and a talented writer at her school, enters one of her articles to receive a summer internship at the local newspaper. Her teacher informs that her article is not up to par, opposed to other writings, from boys, he has sent in. Convinced sexism plays a part in the selection she is determined to enter her article and will do anything, even secretly disguising herself as a boy. She enrolls at the rival school and goes undercover with the help from her brother and best friend. Her brother, Buddy, a sex obsessed teen, gives her tips on how to walk, talk and act like a guy. A couple times she forgets who she is suppose to be portraying and has some close moments, especially in the boys locker room. Her pursuit for her internship is shifted when she meets Rick, a nerd with no fashion sense. She decides to give him a makeover and eventually starts to fall for him. During her new experiences as a different gender, she tries to manage her boyfriend Kevin, her new love interest, Rick and the girls who are swooning over her. The senior prom approaches and Rick escorts the popular girl, while Terry takes her best friend. Kevin and Buddy show up and Kevin breaks up with her in front of everyone. Terry pulls Rick aside confesses her love and confirms she in fact is a woman. Confused, shocked and angry he walks off after Terry later kisses him in front of everyone. Days past and Terry returns to her normal life as a girl, upset she did not get the boy, and writes the article that will win her the internship. In the end, of course, she gets her man and they drive off.

I decided to watch Just One of the Guys because I love the Amanda Bynes movie “She’s the Man.” I found there was a 80s take on the whole scenario of a girl disguising as a boy. I found the movie very entertaining and though certain scenes were predictable, it was fun. There is nothing really special about the movie, but I would recommend it. There are definitely some humorous lines.

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