Thursday, April 15, 2010


Caddyshack, starring Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield is a comical film revolving around an upscale country club, gophers and a scholarship opportunity. Danny, a young man, applies to work as a caddy for Bushwood country club, where wealthy individuals gather. Danny needs to earn money for college and perhaps be fortunate enough to win the next scholarship. He caddies for Ty, Chevy Chase, who shares life lessons while on the green. Danny determined to receive the scholarship, caddies for Judge Smails, co founder of club. Smails niece, Lacey arrives for the summers break and immediately catches the attention of Danny. Al Czervik, Dangerfield, is introduced when he makes a bet that Smails will miss his putt. Czervik is automatically revealed to be an ostentatious person with his wealth and likes putting money on the line. Danny begins acquiring respect from the judge and later during the caddy day tournament wins the prize. Lacey and Danny share an intimate moment, only to be caught by Smails. Smails offers him the scholarship in return for not mentioning the incident that occurred with Lacey. Czervik informs Smails he wants to buy the club, in which they set up a golf match with $20,000 at stake. The next day the match begins and Czervik doubles the pot. Czervik is hit in the head by a ball and has to have a replacement, which Ty chooses to be Danny. At the final hole, the score is tied and Czervik raises the pot again to $80,000. Danny’s ball reaches the hole only to stop at the edge. Meanwhile, Murray’s character, Carl Spackler, is a grounds keeper whose objective is to eliminate a gopher that has become a nescience to the course. At the end, Spackler detonates an explosive to scare the gopher out, which rocks the course and nudges Danny’s ball into the hole, thereby winning.

I decided to watch Caddyshack because my father told me it was one of his favorite 80s movies and was a classic. I had never seen the film before so I watched it. The movie was sort of “stupid funny,” but did provide comical scenes, such as…

Overall I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to my peers.

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