Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breakfast Club

The movie ‘Breakfast Club’ is one of those all-time classic 80s movies that will stand immortal in time as the face of the 80s. In the movie a group of high school students have been sentenced to Saturday detention that lasts all day. The group of kids is quite dynamic and serves to encompass the majority of stereotypes of high school students in the 80s: the jock, the brain, the criminal, the kook, and the princess. At the beginning all of these students pretty much hate each other solely due to their stereotypes, but as the movie progresses the students get to know one another much better, as a result of being forced to spend so much time together, and eventually become friends.

This movie is timeless in the way that it illustrates the effect of stereotypes and breaks them down to show that people can always get along and find something in common if they just look for it. Most of these stereotypes are also not time sensitive as we still have the jock, the princess, the nerd and the badass stereotypes in most American high schools. The ‘Breakfast Club’ is one of the many high school films depicting rebellious youth fighting against oppressive staff and faculty, such as ‘Ferris Bueller.’ These movies paralleled much of the rebellious punk culture that was spreading throughout the 80s as well as the development of computer technology. It is movies like this that will always make us remember the good days of our youth in high school.

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