Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Animal House

‘Animal House’ is a great 80s flick set in the 1960s about fraternity life during the peak of its rambunctiousness. In the movie two freshmen want to join a fraternity so they go through rush in order to decide which fraternity to join. After visiting many including the snobby, ‘rich’ fraternity on campus they go to a house party thrown by the Delta fraternity. This party is absolutely insane and persuades them to pledge that fraternity. Throughout the rest of the movie we see these two kids go through their pledging process which includes ridiculous activities, parties and adventures. This film is great in its commentary about fraternity life during the ‘good old days’ when rules were loose or non-existent and greek life thrived.

It is somewhat appalling, though, to see the kind of ridiculous behavior exhibited by this group of frat boys. Even though it is somewhat of a spoof on college greek organizations, it does make us step back and take a look at the current greek life on campus and how beneficial/crazy it may be. The movie also shows some interesting ideas of what college was during the 80s. Since greek life was so prominent during that decade and rules were so lax, college was more of the stereotypical party scene and we can see many of these stereotypes come out in this movie. Overall this is a hilarious80s movie and must see for anyone in college and/or greek life. Just don’t get any funny ideas of pranks to play on friends.

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