Tuesday, December 11, 2007

St. Elmo's Fire (1985)

Okay, so, truth. A really good friend of mine bought me this movie like five years ago on a random midnight run to WalMart. It was in the $5.99 bin, and I told him that I'd never seen it before, so he picked it up for me. It has sat on my shelf since then, still wrapped in celophane, waiting to be watched. So I finally yanked it out and was pleasantly surprised.

St. Elmo's Fire is the story of seven friends who graduated from college just a few months before the film is set. It's about the trials and tribulations that these kids meet as they enter into the world of adulthood. Growing up all the while, Billy (Rob Lowe) learns that life isn't all fun and games just in time to save Jules (Demi Moore) from a coked out loss of reality. Kirby (Emilio Estevez) doesn't get the girl he's looking for, but realizes that maybe there's more to life--following your own dreams and not someone else's. Leslie (Ally Sheedy) is torn between her first love, Alec (Judd Nelson) and his best friend, Kevin (Andrew McCarthy). And Wendy learns that all of life does not revolve around Billy. In the end, they all realize that as long as they still have each other's friendship, it doesn't matter what happens in life.

Plus, who would want to miss Rob Lowe rocking out on a saxophone? An all star eighties teen flick cast, makes this film a must see.

On a personal note, I hate that Ally Sheedy and Andrew McCarthy don't end up together. He loves her, he's always loved her, and that stupid ass Judd Nelson cheated on her. Why does she have to think about it? Why does she need time without miracles when that great guy has been right under her nose for so long. Her relationship with Judd definitely didn't seem like a miracle to me. Couldn't that have been considered a time without miracles? My best friend, Aubrey, tells me that it isn't supposed to be about love and happily ever afters, that the film is supposed to be about friendship and making friendship last. I get that, really, I do, but seriously! It wouldn't hurt to have one couple end up together and Judd Nelson should just have to choke it down because his character, Alec, was a douche. (rant over)

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