Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Big - 1988

A 13 year old kid named Josh goes to school, has a best friend and a crush in his suburban dream childhood. After being humiliated by a carny in front of the girl he likes and her sideways ponytail, he mopes off into the distance where he encounters the Zoltair machine. Unplugged, it's eyes alit in a red glow, it's mouth opens and closes like a fish desperate for water on its gills, the Zoltair offers young Josh the chance to make a wish. "I wanna be big".

The next morning young Josh awakes to find he is quite big. Something closing in on 40. Also he has become Tom Hanks. He runs off to the city of New York after his mom flips out about Tom Hanks breaking into her house and stealing her child.

Tom Hanks and Billy, his child friend, try to find the Zoltair machine and also get Tom Hanks a job while they wait the 6 weeks for the city to supply them the location. Tom Hanks shoots up the ranks of a toy company, and some woman named Susan falls in love him and lets him touch her tit, which officially makes this 13 year old man-child more sexually experienced than me. The boss loves Josh's toy ideas, his rival coworkers become jealous of him, and Susan becomes his girlfriend. But then Josh decides he wants to be a kid again and so Susan drives him to a Zoltair machine and he goes and makes a wish and while he walks away he shrinks back into a 13 year old in a man's suit and then Susan cries and it's really creepy because she's like 40 and he's like 13 and she still clearly loves him. Then he goes in his house and his mom starts yelling, the end.

This movie has cute moments and really obvious color symbolism but for the most part is just a really bad kids movie with the fuck word in it which strikes me as odd because this movie is rated PG. It doesn't have any moral really because no matter how awesome Tom Hanks life becomes he just wants to be a kid again which is stupid because he has, like, an awesome life, and because the most convincing argument the filmmaker can make for him wanting to go back is Tom Hanks watching some kids get their picture taken and playing stickball.

Also it's a really creepy movie. Elizabeth Perkins is in love with a 13 year old. He has sex with her. Maybe that just weird to me I don't know.

I like watching this movie but it really is just awful.

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