Monday, December 10, 2007

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Fast Times At Ridgemont High, is the ultimate teen movie. It is the most stereotypical depiction of teens in high school. All in all, the movie seems to dumb down teenagers, yet all teens can relate at the same time. Stacy Hamilton, is your typical high school freshman. She is "curious" about sex being she is a virgin. She is involved in the typical "Hit it and quit it" scenario with the home stereo salesman. He sleeps with her, and then dumps her. But atleast she has Mark Ratner, who is in her biology class, and asks her out. On their date, she seems to move a little too fast for him, seeing as he is not as experienced, and he chickens out. Way to go Mark. But let's move on to Spicoli. Typical screwup. He drinks beer, smokes, and takes out friend, Charles Jefferson's Camaro for a ride. And what do you know, he wrecks it. What will he do to fix it? Graffiti it and blame on the rivals of course! Jefferson's anger is released during that night's football game, and off goes the quarterback on a stretcher.

Spicoli's antics continue in class with Mr. Hand. Over the year he annoys the teacher to the point where he is in danger of failing. As he grins vacantly, orders pizza in class, and generally drives his teacher, Mr. Hand, nuts with his heavy-duty stupidity.

Not much more can be said about Spicoli, so back to Stacy. She finally discovers sex and winds up getting pregnant the second time out. The guilty party, hustler Mike Damone, welshes on her by refusing to pay half the cost of an abortion. How embarrassing, her brother has to take her, and like a good friend, Linda spreads rumors about Mike's manhood. Perfect revenge.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a classic. Each character conveys a different stereotype of high school kids. Spicoli is friends with everyone. Stacy is a innocent turned slutty girl. Brad is the older brother looking after his sexified younger sister. Mark is the nerdy guy who in the end gets the girl. I recommend everyone who has yet to watch this classic film, to get on that immediately. You will not be disappointed.

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