Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Porky’s (1982) is essentially a 1980’s American Pie, paving the way for that genre along with Animal House and others. The story is told through the eyes of high school boys, filled with testosterone and slight perversion. It is filled with the boys peeking into the girl’s locker room shower (as featured in the movie poster), going to the strip club Porky’s, and playing pranks on each other. While the humor is extremely juvenile and raunchy, the film is quite entertaining, especially if you are a teen. My favorite part is when Pee Wee, an extremely horny virgin boy, goes out on a date a little over ambitiously, already wearing a condom upon arrival. Also, more sexual humor includes the boys encounter with “Cherry Forever” a stripper, and a gym teacher out to find the culprit by hiring a sketch artist to draw a penis. On of the boy’s then jokingly remarks, “Have you seen this prick?” I truly believe that this film strongly influences films of today, and had a major impact on the teen sex film genre. It is not distinctly 80’s, as the subject matter of teen sexuality and confusion transcends the decades. I stated earlier, I would recommend this movie to teens (especially boys) but however not to adults. Adults seem to not appreciate this type humor. For example, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to my grandmother. So as long as your not watching with your parents, grandmother, or anyone over the age of 30, this is a classic 80’s movie which is an absolute essential for any American Pie fan.

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