Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman will always be looked at as the start to an era of films. Since Burton’s film in 1989, four films about the dark night have come out with another on the way. Batman is centered on Bruce Wayne, a wealthy businessman and alter character Batman, a dark crusader who fights crime in the hellish city of Gotham. Actor Michael Keaton plays batman. Batman’s main enemy is the psychopathic clown The Joker, played by Jack Nicholson. Bruce Wayne and Batman’s main love interest in the film is Vicki Vale, a reporter/photographer who comes to Gotham City to find out more about the mystery that is Batman. The story takes us on a true adventure, giving us the feeling that we are actually right inside a comic book. The film however is not your average action film; it is rather dark and gothic. Batman is a true thrill ride and a film that inspired the string of superhero movies that we see making a popular genre today. The Washington Post said that batman is “Dark, haunting and poetic. Tim Burton’s Batman is a magnificent living comic book. From its opening shots, as the camera descends into the grim teeming streets of Gotham City, the movie fixes you in it’s gravitational pull.” This quote gives a good summarization of the film. The film shows little to no elements from the 1980’s, with amazing special effects and all star acting, I would recommend Batman to anyone who wants to watch a truly amazing film.

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