Monday, December 10, 2007


The mean girls of the 80's. Heathers is about a trendy clique which all high schools seem to have. They are stylish, intimidating, and use sex appeal to get what they want. Veronica Sawyer is the main character. She is part of the most popular group in her high school, the other in the group(all named Heather) are very pretty and wealthy. These girls are all very mean-spirited, typical of the popular group in high school. Its hard to notice that Veronica isn't exactly like these girls. She admits these girls aren't really her friends. But her so-called "job" is to be popular. Therefore, she must pretend to be a replica of the "Heathers". It is only obvious that she would go on to kills these girls right? Maybe, we should have seen this coming after she begins to date J.D. After all, he did pull a gun on school bullies. But Veronica isn't all that bad. She meant to give her just a glass of Milk and orange juice planning on making Heather Chandler vomit. But J.D came along, and distracted her, and look what happened, the glass was filled with drain cleaner instead. And poor Heather Chandler dies right then and there. What else was Veronica to do besides forge a suicide note. After all, only she and her boyfriend knew of the murder. That only gave oppertunity for another Heather, this time Heather Duke, to be the ring leader of their clique. J.D is not good for Veronica, but it is hard when Christian Slater tried to lure you into playing these types of pranks on people. Who could say no to him? Next they move onto the bullies of the school. J.D. had to take care of them after they spread a rumor about his girlfriend. Clearly, it is a boyfriends duty to go on and kill whoever spread the rumor, right? Too bad Veronica doesn't realize that Ich Luge means I'm lying!!! Soon Veronica comes to her senses realizing the harm she is doing to her school. The new trends seems to be suicide all sue to her actions. But how can she confront the mastermind behind these killings, especially when it's her boyfriend? And when she does, obviously he will want to kill her, first and foremost. At least she can fake her own death to break his heart. Now the whole school is in jeopardy of being killed, the dummies signed a petition, which we find out is actually a school-wide suicide note. What is with these teens and suicide in the 80s? She learned from the best and attempts to kill her love, J.D. But he is already strapped with a bomb. And we are told there is a "New sheriff in town". And at last she wears the red hair bow.

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