Monday, December 10, 2007

“I wanna be big.”

A young boy, Josh (David Moscow) is tired of being babied by his mother and father. He is constantly being told how to act and what to do. He is embarrassed by the fact that his parents will not leave him alone and he feels they treat him like a baby. At a carnival he finds a Zoltair machine and wishes to be “big.” His wish is granted and he wakes up the next morning as a 30 year old man (Tom Hanks). He runs around desperately trying avoid his mom while trying to figure out has happened to him. He eventually gets a job working at a toy company and his playful, child-in-a-grown-man persona earns him the respect of his boss. He works his way up the company and becomes very influential. However, Josh’s desire to be a little kid again outweighs the successful, independent lifestyle he developed as an adult. He finds another Zoltair and wish to be a kid again, and he goes back to his old lifestyle.

This movie is a great family film that touches those that watch it with both its plot and its almost corny humor. The jokes appeal to both kids senses of humor and the kids inside of adults. I would suggest this movie to those looking for light, humor. Someone looking for a movie that is amusing but not stupidly funny will enjoy this. This movie teaches the lesson of enjoying one’s youth with a cute, comical undertone.

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