Monday, December 10, 2007

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, the fairytale of the Little Mermaid came alive through the imagination of Hans Christian Andersen and the movie was written by John Musker in 1989. This animated Disney film is about a teen mermaid named Ariel who wants to get out of the ocean and see the rest of the world. He father however, King Triton, would not have her talk of anything that related to humans. She had a treasure cove of human gadgets where she sings a song “Part of your World” which embodies her feelings as a mermaid who wants more than the cards she is dealt. Ariel would do anything to walk on land so she makes the deal with the devil of the ocean. Ursula, an ugly, plump, female octopus, takes Ariel’s voice as collateral in exchange for Ariel to have new legs. She only has a few days however to get a human to fall in love with her so she could have her first kiss. If she does not get kissed by her true love however, then she becomes a pitiful sea creature that is a slave to Ursula and Ursula will become Queen of the ocean with her new voice and power. Despite Ursula’s attempts to prevent Ariel from marrying her love Prince Eric, with the help of her friends Flounder, Sabastian, and Scuttle Ariel was able to conquer Ursula and stay human with her love.

This movie was symbolic in the sense that many teens want to get out and explore more than their natural surroundings. In our society it is natural to want to move away from out families and reach for the stars. Ariel wanted to achieve the impossible--- to walk on land. Just like many of us want to achieve so called impossible things, we reach our goals by taking risks. Ariel took a risk for her life and for love and it proved to be beneficial. Good lesson learned. Here is my favorite song from the Little Mermaid:

And a remix of this song by Ashley Tisdale which I actually like better!

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