Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky IV portrays the fears and tensions between the USA and the USSR in the Cold War, and the movie is filled with metaphorical and symbolical representations of these fears. A red glove emblazoned with a golden hammer and sickle, the sign of the Soviet Republic. The next scene it is shown violently smashing into a glove covered with the colors of the American flag. This represents the war that could suddenly erupted between the two nations at anytime.

When Apollo Creed fights Drago why doesn't Rocky throw in the towel. Drago is beating Apollo down to a pulp. The camera goes from Apollos face to Rockys face as Rocky is about to throw the towel Apollo says No! The next punch from Drago Kills Apollo Creed. How should Rocky feel about this? If he throw the towel Apollo would still be alive.

Ivan Drago, the 6'4" 261 pound “Siberian Express”, is portrayed as a goliath of a man who “destroys everything he hits.” His size implies that he cannot be defeated and in Drago’s words “I defeat all man!” The movie portrays the enduring spirit and hope of the American people. The American willpower, symbolized by Rocky.

Rocky’s victory over Drago symbolizes the desired outcome of the American people. Apollo said “it’s Us verses them.” In this case, we won and the Russians changed. Rocky’s words of wisdom were “ if I can change, and you can change.....we all can change.” This shows America’s desire to end the conflict and begin a new era of peace. When you watch this film you'll be able to experience the emotions of the Cold War and to understand what it was like to live in a time of such tension and conflict.

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Vladigogo said...

One of the best comments I read about Burt Young, the actor who plays Rocky's brother-in-law, was:

"Burt Young is three knuckle hairs shy of being a Cro-Magnon man."