Sunday, May 22, 2011


Poltergeist a movie by Steven Spielberg is a classic horror film. It begins with a little girl talking to a fuzzy TV, now I have found that any scary movie with little kids in it freak me out its scarier for some reason maybe because the kids are so innocent yet they are talking to ghosts. When a storm arrives the next night with an earthquake the classic line that is now said all over the world by the little girl carol Anne "Their here" was said. The house becomes a host to multiple poltergeists or haunting ghosts and the terrors of the movie begin. Furniture moves and the music intensifies to the watchers suspense on what is to come next. I found the scariest part of the movie to be when Carol Anne is sucked through the television and taken by the poltergeist and the family can hear her voice through the television. Spielberg uses the closet in the kids room as a portal to the other world, and trust me if you aren’t already terrified from stories of your childhood of something haunting your closet you will be now. I found the ending to be a little ridiculous and dramatic with bodies all over town and graves dug up, I think that the movie should of stayed in the house with the horrors. If you enjoy scary movies this is a classic film to watch, but I do recommend one not to watch it alone.

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