Sunday, May 22, 2011


I love to watch war movies and I have found that Platoon is one of the best war movies especially depicting Vietnam. Oliver Stone brought his own experience and memories into this film. The scenes are so realistic that you feel the fear, loneliness, how homesick they were, and the feelings the men felt during battle. You see the brotherhood that is created during this war and how it was destroyed with so many men killed. One sees the fear in these young men not knowing how to shoot a gun or never killing anyone before. Oliver Stone brings in realism to this film to make the audience realize how terrible and gruesome the Vietnam War really was. Although at some points the movie is hard to follow when it switches from battle ground to battle ground and figuring out who is in what scene, it shows how the confusion of the movie is how the soldiers felt on the ground. My favorite part of the movie was when the photographer was given a gun and he states that he doesn't even know how to shoot one of these things and the man replies that war is the perfect time to learn. You realize that everyone who went to Vietnam had to fight no matter their position and everyone there suffered. This movie even shows the Vietnam leaders discussing war tactics and how to win this battle, showing both sides of the war where most film show the Americans as heros.

I am usually not impressed with Charlie Sheen but in this movie he was able to show vulnerable while at the same time being a leader for these men. Sheen's character was so excited in the beginning to go to war, but once he gets there "somewhere near the cambodian border" he sees all the dead bodies and reality begins to hit him. He realizes that he is here to survive a war.

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this is one of olivers best