Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Caddyshack (1980)


Bushwood Country Club is the perfect place for rich white people to congregate. It has a golf course and plenty of old people. Danny (Michael O’Keefe) works as a caddy for both easygoing, suave golfer Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) and the rich Judge Smails (Ted Knight), who might be the key to Danny getting a scholarship. It’s not easy being Judges caddy, as his temper gets plenty of fuel from the talkative, obnoxious Al (Rodney Dangerfield). Danny wins the Caddy Day golf tournament and seals the deal for his scholarship. This earns Danny praise from the Judge along with an invitation to a party at the Judge's yacht.



Al encounters Judge in the club's bar Al tells him he wants to buy the country. Ty helps the two men to agree to a golf match for $20,000. Judge and Dr. Beeper against Al and Ty. Judge chooses Danny to be his caddy. With Judges team winning the front 9, Al decides to double the stakes to $40,000. But he's having his worst game ever, so when a ball strikes him, he pretends to be hurt in hopes of having the game declared a draw. Al must find a substitute or his team would forfeit. Ty chooses Danny, causing Judge to threaten his scholarship; Danny realizes that award has too many strings for his liking, especially when Judge is tugging on the ends of them. Al promises to Danny that he will make it "worth his while" if he wins. At the final hole, the score is tied. Judge makes his putt; his team is ahead by one shot. Danny must sink his long putt to force a tie. Al raises the stakes to a double-or-nothing $80,000 on Danny making the putt, which Judge accepts. Danny's putt reaches the edge of the cup and stops.


“I smell varmint poontang"

But while the match has been going on, Carl has been escalating his attempts to destroy the gopher, and he has now wired much of the course with plastic explosive shaped to look like small, harmless animals. As Danny's putt hangs on the edge of the cup, Carl pushes the detonator and explosions shake the whole course. The force of the explosions causes Danny's ball to drop, thus scoring a birdie so Ty-Danny-Al team wins the $80,000 bet.

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