Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead is a classic teenage horror film where stupidity of the kids is the base of the film. When a group of college students rent a cabin in the middle of the woods for the weekend it is obvious that something bad is going to happen. What bothers me in most horror movies is when they enter a dark space and you sit there watching knowing how stupid of them it is to go in there. That is how they find the book that raises demon spirits in the surrounding woods. I found that the pop-out scenes were scary but the acting and make-up made the movie more funny than scary. With this movie it was easy to tell who was going to be killed first and who was going to survive the horrors of the night. I liked the twist on the film that in order to survive they had to kill their friends because they were possessed by the demons and you knew when the demons were coming when you heard a deep voice echoing through the woods saying "Join us, Join us" repeatedly. They made every horror film classic mistake of entering a dark space, going somewhere where there was no one around, listening to the tap that rose the demons, and not listening to the girl when she told them to leave. If you enjoy horror films you will get a scare out of this movie but you will be disappointed by the movie as a whole.

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