Monday, May 03, 2010

Weird Science

Weird Science is the story of two awkward boys, Gary and Wyatt, who are trying to make it in the world popularity in high school. One night they come up with a plan to create this dream woman through the use of their computer. When they find success, the dream woman (Lisa) helps the boys become confident in themselves and make friends in the harsh high school world.

Strangely enough, as a kid I watched Weird Science the TV show, but never saw the movie. So, while I knew the premise of this movie I was under the impression that it was a movie meant for a younger audience. However, as I watched I found it to be a bit vulgar, but still funny. I really liked this movie for what it was. It is not a movie that will change lives or provoke thought, but it certainly provided entertainment for two hours.

I feel this movie stands up over time as far as 80s movies go. It seems it was a popular film that is still talked about and watched today. This movie is also done in a typical 80s style. The music is all popular 80s songs that are iconic today of the 80s. The style in fashion is all done in a very 80s style as well.

I would recommend this movie to audiences. It's a little odd/vulgar for younger viewers, but otherwise it's funny and, well, WEIRD!

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