Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)

I have to say, I was totally disappointed that no one seem the least bit intrigued by this movie. It's about Neo-Nazi surfers who take over a beach and are stalked down by an angry, middle-aged black woman called Leroy's Mama! I guess no one enjoys the idea of cheap exploitation films the way I do. While this is definitely no Killer Klowns in terms of pure entertainment value, it does have its moments. It just goes to show that people in the 80s were freaking crazy enough to think of this plot and actually go through with making such a movie.

The story is about a post-earthquake California beach where Nazis take over and wreak havoc. The only problem with this is that the "surf Nazis" don't really have anything in common with real Nazis except that they're lead by a guy named Adolf and have swastikas painted all over them. I guess if you want to get unwarranted attention for your movie you just have to hint that it could include something horribly offensive.

I have to say, I didn't enjoy this as much as Killer Klowns even though I considered both to be deserving of the 'awesomely bad' category. Killer Klowns very obviously does not take itself seriously and encourages the audience to laugh, but at times it redeems itself by being totally freaky. Surf Nazis is just barely on the border of awesome and bad, but leaning towards the bad side. There were a few laughs, but overall it was just...bad. And I'm so disappointed because I was legitimately excited to watch this, but I guess everyone was right for kind of staring at me blankly. Just as a reminder, here's the trailer again:

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