Sunday, May 02, 2010

When Harry Met Sally

I love a good romantic comedy every now and again. (Well, maybe more often than that…I’d probably be happy if all films were love stories.) When Harry Met Sally is a quintessential representation of the genre. Meg Ryan is so stinkin’ cute in this movie (does anyone else think of Anastasia whenever you hear her voice…maybe it’s just me) and she and Billy Crystal have such great chemistry on screen.

When Harry Met Sally is slightly reminiscent of a Jane Austin Love story as the unlikely pare meet again and again throughout the years. Harry and Sally first meet as they drive together to New York City, each to start a new life and quickly part ways as Harry concludes that a man and a woman can never just be friends, leaving Sally utterly unimpressed. However, they meet again after several years at the airport as Harry is engaged and Sally is in a relationship. After again parting, content with their relationships and seemingly too different to ever be an item. Years pass again and we again see Harry meeting Sally at a turning point in both of their lives as Harry is going through a divorce and Sally a break up. They comfort each other as “just friends” and build a strong relationship, even playing matchmaker to their two best friends. As they help each other cope they eventually fall and love and subsequently become the perfect couple.

This film was such a relief in the midst of final exams. Throughout the film and between each time Harry and Sally meet is a new adorable elderly couple, telling their love story. These little snippets were my absolutely favorite part of When Harry Met Sally. These confessional moments were so sweet and really make me want to believe in true love again and again. The film closes with Harry and Sally telling their own story, leaving the audience with fulfilled hope and a belief in love stories.

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Vladigogo said...

One of my favorite movies and highly quotable.

Perhaps one of the best pairings for best friends with Carrie Fisher and Bruno "You made a woman meow" Kirby.