Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Blues Brothers

Starring Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, The Blues Brothers is a comedy with a cast of famous singers and musicians with great classics. I decided to watch this film because I have always been a fan of Saturday Night Live skits and a couple times I have seen reruns of the sketch on the blues brothers. I never watched this movie, but of course being a classic movie with timeless characters, everyone knows of Jake and Elwood. Jake, played by Belushi, is released from jail and picked up by his brother, Elwood, in a former police car. The car with the giant microphone would become an iconic symbol of the brothers. They visit the “penguin” at the Catholic orphanage that will be closed unless the nun raises $5000. While visiting a church service, Jake has an epiphany that he is on a mission from God to form the band again. They begin to visit their former band mates and reunite everyone. In the process they ruin a mall, almost run over neo Nazis and basically upset many characters. They pose as the band “the Good Ol’ Boys” in a western bar who is scheduled to play that night. Later, they perform at the Palace Hotel and are then offered a recording contract that would cover the orphanage. Police, SWAT and firefighters then chase the brothers around Chicago. Their car breaks down and they run inside to pay their tax bill. They are then handcuffed, arrested and sent to jail with the rest of the band.

I would definitely recommend this fun, upbeat film. I feel the cameos kept me glued to the movie because I waiting to see who would appear next.

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