Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fame is another 80’s movie about teenagers and the trials and tribulations they go through trying to “find themselves”. Fame focuses on a performing arts high school in New York City, opening with the auditions for freshmen year and ending with graduation. The films follows the ensemble cast through their many teenage issues and experiences as they mature and experience more of the real world.

This movie is distinctly 80’s because of the themes it introduces and the ensemble cast structure. It is much like The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire in its lack of a main character. Rather, all the characters are important and focused on equally. The coming of age drama is very common in the 80’s.

My favorite scene was Doris getting high in the movie theater and doing the Time Warp Dance from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Though this may seem like a light-hearted movie at first, some of the issues it addresses are of a more serious nature. Ralph’s five year old sister is assaulted, and Coco has her first experience with a sleazy photographer, and experiences with depression, suicide, and abortion are also addressed. The trust and innocence the characters had at the beginning of the movie is gone by the time they reach graduation.

I would recommend this movie to someone who is looking for more than just a movie to pass the time. The film can stand the test of time due to the universal issues it addresses.

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