Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bloody Simple? no...terribly confusing

I sat down to watch one of the other Coen brothers movie's "Blood Simple", thinking it would be somehow similar to Miller's Crossing, which i enjoyed. It wasn't. I was pretty confused as to what was going on for the majority of the movie. It was bloody, gross and just weird. But, i guess the acting, and filmography were good, but i just didn't like the subject matter.
The movie starts with Abby and Ray sleeping together, despite the fact that Abby is married to Marty. A private detective hired by Marty gets pictures of the two in a cheap motel and gives them to Marty. This much makes sense, but from here on out the movie spirals out of control (sort of).
Marty and Ray have a mini-confrontation, and Ray quits/ is fired from his job (MArty is his boss). Abby moves into Ray's house, but not before finding and loading her pistol.
Then, Marty hires the detective, Loren Visser, to kill Ray and Abby. And the movie takes a serious twist. The viewer thinks that Loren kills the adulterous couple, but in fact he doctors photos of them to make it look like they have been shot. Marty pays Visser for completing the job, but then Visser shoots Marty, and leaves him to die. Throughout this scene, there are 4 dead fish sitting on the table which is a little unnecessary but makes the scene that much more unsavory.
Then, Ray shows up and attempts to clean up the mess created by the fact that Marty is not quite dead yet, and slowing dripping blood on to the floor (Ray thinks he's dead though). Thus begins the blood fest. Ray is a little on the stupid side, and begins to clean the blood up with his jacket. This scene is borderline ridiculous, as Ray hustles back and forth to the bathroom, trying to clean up the mess. Then he hoists the bloody Marty into his car and drives him out to the countryside. Something freaks Ray, and he jumps out of his car, looking terrified. When he gets back to the vehicle, Marty is gone. He walks to the other side of the car, and sees the dying man crawling on all fours, trying to escape. Then begins another highly uncomfortable scene. At first it appears that Ray is going to run Marty over, then he gets out a shovel, and it looks as if he will club him to death. But, in the end, Ray just buries him alive. (Ewwwwwwwww).
As Ray is trying to bury Marty, the dying man finds his wifes pistol (the one used to shoot Marty) in his pocket. It only has one bullet left. Marty tries to shoot Ray, but the chamber is empty.
After this Ray returns to Abby, and tries to talk to her about what just happened. He is slightly unstable by this point, and Abby is weirded out.
At the end of the movie, everything gets turned on its head. Visser now comes after Ray and Abby, leaving the viewer to wonder who really hired him and what his real motivation is at this point. He shoots Ray from an adjacent rooftop, and tries to shoot Abby, but she manages to temporarily escape. Then, there is a chase within the house, as Visser tries to find and kill Abby. She manages to shut his hand in a window, and stick a knife through it (lots more blood, yay). He break through a wall in order to free his hand, but by this point he has used all of his ammo. Abby has one bullet left in the gun that shot her husband. She manages to kill Visser, and the movie ends... .happily ever after? not so much....

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Vladigogo said...

First you disparage HOPE AND GLORY, a classic for all of us cricket fans, and then you go after the Coen Bros.

Woe is me.

Actually, BLOOD SIMPLE is a tough Coen Bros. film and I think it is better appreciated after you see a number of their other films and then come back to it in order to see how they began and how they were experimenting.

On the DVD of Blood Simple there is a great audio track provided by a fake commentator who talks about the opening scene being filmed backwards and upside down and then in the editing was turned right side up and reversed. It is classic Coens and they poke fun at themselves a great deal with its inclusion.