Thursday, April 20, 2006

BeetleJuice BeetleJuice Beetlejuice!

This film screams Tim Burton! Strange, bizarre, Weird, dark, humorous, you name it. The film is about a husband and wife, Adam and Barbara, who are played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. The couple lives in this big, bizarre, house in the country. One day, while driving home from town, Barbara and Adam get into a terrible accident...An accident that costs them their lives. The couple soon learns that when you die, you don't exactly die. The two are trapped together inside their house for the rest of time and must learn how to deal with the afterlife. The only problem is, they have some unexpected guests move into their house. People who are very different from their selves and decide to change the entire house around. Can Barbara and Adam live with the Deetzes or do they need outside help? That is where Beetlejuice comes along. He is the "ghost with the most" who claims he can rid the couple of these obnoxious city folk, but little do they know he is also the biggest trouble maker in the afterlife and seeking his help only causes trouble...trouble...Trouble.

I loved this film. I found it to be extemely creative, witty and hilarious. Tim Burton's vision of the afterlife is dark and humorous. His characters in the famous scene in the waiting room are all very colorful and unique. The film is a fun experience cause you never know what crazy character you are going to meet next.

The settings for the film are incredible. It almost reminds me of a living nightmare before Christmas, which makes sense since it is the same director. You are transported into a strange land, and it makes you wonder how does Mr. Burton come up with this stuff.

Winona Ryder makes her film debut in this film as Lydia Deets. I love her character. She is an outsider. She wears dark clothing and makes very dark comments, but she becomes friends with the Adam and Barabara. Even though the couple are dead, they manage to help Lydia liven up a bit and make her a happier and a more whole person.

The character of Beetlejuice, played by Michael Keaton, is a vile, disgusting, slimy ghost. If his appearance doesn't show the audience this, his personality certainly does. Michael Keaton does a great job and the movie would not be complete without this outrageous character.

I really recommend this film. It is a lot of fun!

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Vladigogo said...

And there is a great calypso possession scene that occurs around the dinner table.

Also appearing in the movie is the actor who played Mr. Rooney, if I am not mistaken.