Sunday, April 16, 2006

"SUSAN! i thought you were dead!"... "No, just in New Jersey"

Ridiculously sick of all the high school teen drama movies that I have been subjecting myself to lately, I called my friend Joanna (the un-official, official movie critic and film aficionado of my friends) who suggested that I watch Desperately Seeking Susan, as she has been saying since we were, oh say, about 13. Why not? I thought to myself. And I’m glad I did.

The plots confusing enough to entice you to watch, yet easy enough to follow, with cases of mistaken identity on more than a couple different levels. Roberta is a New Jersey housewife played by Rosanna Arquette. She becomes obsessed with a woman named Susan who communicates with her boyfriend through the personal section of a New York City tabloid. Desperate for a little excitement in her life, Roberta follows Susan to a meeting in the park with her boyfriend, and then buys her jacket after Susan sells it at thrift store. In the jacket Susan (played by Madonna) has left the key to a locker of hers, and thus starts looking for Roberta. Meanwhile, Roberta is mistaken for Susan in the park because of the jacket and is confronted by a mob guy. The confrontation makes Roberta fall and get amnesia, and then she starts to live Susan’s life, all the while Susan has met Roberta’s husband and lives hers.

Seem complicated? It’s not too bad and all straightens itself out in the end, with everything in the right place, and everyone living their own life once again.

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