Friday, April 21, 2006

Homemade Prom Dress Anyone?

Pretty in Pink is a classic teen 80's film starring Molly Ringwald in one of her teen roles remarkably similar to her other films in the decade. She plays Andy, a girl "from the other side of the tracks." She is creative and has a great personality, she even makes her own clothes. She is also very intelligent, we learn that she is on scholarship at her very expensive highschool, surrounded by "richies." Well it just so happens that one falls in love with her, but it is soon evident that he does not have the guts to date a girl out of his social circle. Andy also has a very loyal frien, Duckie, who she does not realize is in love with her. The film shows that nice guys finish last when Andy, who was ditched by her rich boyfriend at school one day for prom, forgives him at the dance and in turn ditches Duckie, who saved the day when he showed up as her date to prom.
This movie succeeded in making me very angry, the message in the end was a mixed one. I do not think that we are really supposed to be completely happy about what happened, but then, everything suggests that we are supposed to be excited for Andy. All I could think about was poor Duckie, in love with Andy and she not realizing who was obviously the better man, even if the other guy did apologize.
I guess I would still recommend the film. If you are familiar with Molly Ringwald films (she was in almost all of those teen ones in the 80s) this one might be kind of boring, even if her character in Pretty in Pink is remarkably different in writing from Claire in the Breakfast Club, she always brings the same acting to the table, a somewhat emotional, pouty teenage girl, with cute short red hair.

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