Friday, April 21, 2006


In "Overboard" Goldie Hawn plays a spoiled, rich woman Joanna who is "trapped" in Elk Cove, Oregon for a few days while her yacht refuels and gets some engine problem fixed. She decides since she is bored she is going to hire a local carpenter Dean (Kurt Russell) to improve the shoe space in her closet. After a few days Dean is finished and Joanna decides she's not going to pay for his work since it was not done to her specifications. She throws Dean and his tools overboard.

Later that night, after the Imaculatta has set sail from "Elk Snout" Joanna pesters her husband Grant to go get her wedding ring from the upper deck where she left it. He's too busy watching "Top 10 most fabulous Yachts" and her butler Andrew is out of earshot, so she goes herself. While on the deck, the captain who has fallen asleep at the helm makes a sharp turn, and Joanna falls overboard.

The next day while at the bowling alley Dean sees a news report about a woman who was found at sea by the trash barge, and appears to be suffering from amnesia. In order to pay her back for screwing him out of three days pay Dean devises a plan to pick her up, and pose as her husband. He names her Annie, and brings her home to meet her four rowdy boys. Dean has an extensive list of chores and yard work that "Annie" typically does, and Joanna doesn't take to it as he plans. Over a few weeks, she begins to get into a routine, parent and discipline the boys, and even begins to fall for Dean. All the while her husband has never reported her missing and is gallivanting on the yacht with random women.

Eventually Grant comes back to get her, as Joanna begins to put the pieces together she remembers her own life and leaves with Grant. Back on the yacht she is lonely, and realizes that she was actually happy in Elk Cove. She turns the boat around and convention's runs into her 'family' on a coast guard cruiser on their way to get her.

The story is rather predictable, and similar to the "Prince and the Pauper" or "Trading Spaces" types of plots. The message of family vs. money is lost as well since we find out that the yacht, and all the money is actually Joanna's and not Grant's. I would recommend it because you really can't go wrong with Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell actually holds his own in this film as well.

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